MTV Clutch Picks The Best Tumblrs To Follow In 2012

Social media and blogs used to be a guilty habit. Now people are making entire careers out of it. We’ve already heard multiple people say that one of their New Year’s resolutions is to be more active on Twitter or Foursquare or Tumblr. The once “time-wasters” are now on people’s lists of to-dos. To get you started with the Tumblr part of your resolution, six of MTV Clutch’s writers picked their favorite blogs to follow. That is, after you follow our Tumblr, and MTV Geek’s Tumblr and the official MTV Tumblr.


Picked by David Dean

Animals Being Dicks

Animals Being Dicks might be the most consistently funny, laugh out loud, GIF-based Tumblr around.

We like it so much, we kind of, totally ripped off the idea for a post.


If you love sandwiches, you will love Scanwiches. Mouth-watering sandwiches are displayed upon a clean, all-black background and can make even the most basic PB&J look mind blowing (or mouth blowing).

Julia Segal

How Julia Segal is not getting talked about more and more for her hilarious tweets and her even more hilarious Tumblr is just wrong. Most of her content is reblogged, but she reblogs the funniest stuff Tumblr has to offer.


Picked by Ryan McKee

Exploding Dog

I don’t know if everyone already knows about Exploding Dog or no one really knows. The creator, prolific Sam Brown, has definitely been doing his rudimentary, but sublime art well before Tumblr became a thing. At least long enough for me to forget about it, remember it awhile later and get excited about it all over again like it’s brand new. Not every image hits, but he produces so many great ones, you’ll come back daily.

Comedy’s Ron Babcock

Comedy’s Ron Babcock is a comedian and video producer in LA. His posts are random, observational and personal (overly so at times)…kind of like his standup comedy act. In a way, Babcock (his real name) is performing standup via Tumblr posts. Also, check out his funny Concocted Conversations site.

Brain on Funk

Brain On Funk‘s tagline is, “Captioning Like It’s 1999.” And that is exactly what this guy does, everyday…of the NBA season. There are no funny memes of sports other than professional basketball. When the NBA Finals are finished, so is this Tumblr, until the next season begins. So basketball fans, follow now, because due to the Lockout there will be a smaller window to enjoy these funny hoops captions.

Picked by Brett Smiley

F*** Yeah Ron Swanson

F*** Yeah Ron Swanson is a shrine to what the site calls “the best character on television.” And what self-respecting man can dispute that? This Tumblr celebrates all things Ron Swanson–his triumphs, tragedies and obsession with meat. We also love Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson, but FYRS is our pick because it celebrates the depth of Ron and preserves all elements of his masculinity for the whole Internet to enjoy.

Kanye With White People

If you like Kanye West‘s smug face, and you like awkward, then consider Kanye With White People your new favorite Tumblr. It’s exactly what it says.

Picked by Jim Tews

Things I Put On My Dog’s Head

Things I Put On My Dog’s Head is, believe it or not, one of several Tumblrs that feature things on dogs’ heads. I happen to prefer this one because the items are really random, and the stoic look on the dog’s face implies that it thinks it’s doing something honorable, instead of just being used in a silly Internet gag.

Laws of Modern Man

Laws of Modern Man is sometimes fun and insightful, sometimes crude and awkward. I’m not sure who’s running this site: a 40-year-old man with a salt and pepper beard or a 14-year-old virgin with bad acne. Either way, it’s a fun read.

Where’s Randy Savage?

Where’s Randy Savage? of like “Where’s Waldo?” but person you’re searching for is a lot cooler. It’s Macho Man Randy Savage.

Picked by Carl Williot

Hipster Puppies

Come for the cutesy dog pics, stay for the hipster-flaying captions. Hipster Puppies perfectly cross-pollinates what we thought were our diametrically opposed internet addictions: cute animals and truth-telling snark. Quite simply, this is why the Internet was invented (sorry, porn). Not to mention, this adorable puppy photo blog (which has since spawned a book and a pupster fashion show) comes from Christopher Weingarten, one of the most mercurial music critics around.

Literally Unbelievable

Sometimes people comment about news stories on Facebook. Sometimes people read an Onion story and think it’s real. Sometimes these worlds collide. Literally Unbelievable chronicles that, aggregating Facebook posts made by commenters who thought an Onion story was real. This is one of the Internet’s best destinations for looking-down-your-nose humor.

F*** Yeah 1990s

reblogged from drop it like it’s hot.

Like porn for your nostalgia-boner, F*** Yeah 1990s posts random, context-free photos, videos and GIFs featuring ’90s pop culture ephemera. It’s a wondrous Internet Neverland where Kelly Kapowski is queen, Gushers are a food group and board games have more exciting commercials than your average “Twilight” trailer. (Still doesn’t excuse the fact that Hollywood is releasing a “Battleship” movie, though)

Picked by Kathy Iandoli

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Remember Jay-Z‘s “Roc Boys” video when a bunch of random ass people show up to the party like Nas, Tristan Wilds, Diddy and Mariah CareyAwesome People Hanging Out Together is like that…only it’s real life.

Lindsey Weber

Is it faux pas to add a Tumblr of someone you actually know? Who cares. Lindsey Weber is internet royalty. Her blog made BuzzFeed’s “Best Of” list this past year. She takes her love of Tom Hanks and irony to the interwebs and puts them together (sometimes at the same time). Then she finds random pics of people you don’t know (some you do) and turns them into other things. Just go visit the site; this is hard to explain.

I Love Charts

reblogged from Male Minded

Back in school, charts were used to make people feel dumb and have low self-esteem. In corporate America, charts are used to make people feel even dumber and have extremely low self-esteem. On I Love Charts, however, charts are used to entertain and inform about the dumbest things ever for Internet purveyors with low self-esteem. They should make a chart about this entire blurb.

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