Predictions For Season 2 Of ‘Portlandia’

Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The duo of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein is an odd yet wonderful relationship. When Armisen invited Brownstein’s then band Sleater-Kinney to a “Saturday Night Live” afterparty, an instant, lifelong, BFF friendship sparked. And since it’d be weird to travel across the country to visit each other for non-romantic reasons, as Brownstein has said, they decided to make the reason work.

That’s when they started collaborating on the online sketch series “Thunderant,” set in Portland, Oregon. After some stars aligned and the ball started rolling, IFC was smart enough to turn that into what is now “Portlandia.” We all lucked out on that move.

Each episode’s character-based shorts draw viewers into “Portandia,” the creators’ dreamy and absurd rendering of Portland, and provides 30 minutes of laughter. With Season 2 premiering this Friday at 10/9c, we look ahead and predict what will be going down in “Portlandia” this season.

Guest Stars

Season 2 includes a slew of guest appearances from Fred’s SNL buddies, to Fred and Carrie’s music buddies, to random actors that fit each role perfectly. Really, just a bunch of their funny buddies. Look for Andy Samberg, Kristen Wiig, Joanna Newsom, Jeff Goldblum, Penny Marshall, Amber Tamblyn, Miranda July, Tim Robbins and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols. Wow. Packing a guest-starring punch!

Your Favorite Characters From Season 1

Not to fret, your favorite characters are coming back this season. Because really, what would “Portlandia” be without the Put A Bird On It couple, Peter and Nance, Kath and Dave, Nina and Lance, and our favorite bookstore feminists Toni and Candace. Oh and Fred and Carrie will of course be playing Fred and Carrie, which isn’t at all Fred and Carrie. Don’t over-think it.

The Mayor Gets Hands On

In Season 1, Kyle MacLachlan played Portland’s mayor to perfection (with Portland’s real mayor Sam Adams playing his assistant). The reveal of the mayor being in a reggae band, sporting a soul patch from Season 1’s “Mayor is Missing” was brilliant, so the promise of more mayor is great. Expect him to be more involved, pushing Fred and Carrie (the characters) to create a show that takes place in Portland. So meta!

New Characters, New Things Happening

Of course, this season will feature all new sketches, and while some of those will feature our previously before mentioned characters, we can also expect some fresh new “Portlandia” players. Keep an eye out for young parents Brendan and Michelle, a pretentious speakeasy mixologist, the sanitation twins and oh so many more.

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