Best Sexy Photos On Clutch In 2011

From fashion models to zombie women to cosplay babes to the animated kind–it’s been quite a year for sexiness. But sexiness is wherever you find it, even if that means you have a thing for dirty female feet (possibly NSFW, definitely NSFL). Without further ado, we hereby proudly present the sexiest photo galleries we’ve run this past year.

Unfortunately Clad Victoria’s Secret Models

Shannan Click superhero

Credit: Getty Images

When we decided to run Victoria’s Secret models in goofy outfits, there were a lot of crazy wings, cartoon colors and queen bee bustles, but Shannan Click not only wore an outfit that would look better on the hood of a Pontiac Firebird, she made us wish the costume belonged to a real character that we could write inappropriate slash-fiction about it. (Or just slash fiction, if you want to avoid redundancy.)

Inside Boob at the Emmys

Credit: Getty Images

While most entertainment boobs provided inside coverage of the Emmys, we uncovered entertainment’s inside boobsChristina Hendricks really has an unfair advantage when it comes to this race.

Aruba Fashion Models

Sexy captain aruba

Credit: Getty Images

A fashion show in Aruba? Set course for Sexy Town! We’re suckers for a girl in a captain’s hat, particularly when that’s 40 percent of her outfit.

Sirens of Occupy Wall Street

Purple hair

Credit: hotchicksofoccupywallstreet

There’s nothing like beautiful eye candy in the midst of a protest against corporate greed and a government influence by men with money. We had Amanda Seyfried look-alikes, sexy cops, Liz Lemon and what we’re pretty sure is the girl with the dragon tattoo. But nobody dazzled us more than the girl with the iridescent hair.


Psylocke NYCC

Credit: Gusto

Speaking of purple hair, there was plenty of it at New York Comic-Con, and some scarlet hair too, on what we’re pretty sure was the actual Red Sonja, not just a cosplayer. But our pick goes to Psylocke, because…wow, it takes a lot to come out looking just like a Jim Lee drawing but sexier.

Living Dead Girls

Zombie sexy time

Credit: elusivedaydream

We won’t lie, most of our zombie ladies roundup was actually a horrifying gallery of amputees, rotting flesh and what’s left of Jenna Jameson. But this gothy girl is not only cute, she carries her own axe and noose just in case, uh…she needs to trick other zombies into a murder-suicide pact? Don’t ask questions.


Sexy flapper

Credit: Getty Images

Just try to tell us this glamorous flapper isn’t bearing one of the loveliest backs in all of American History.

Pan Am Maniacs

Kelli Garner

Credit: Getty Images

Kelli Garner’s button nose has a lot of weird contrasts in it, and weird is interesting, which, in turn, is sexy.

The Flannel Panel

Ellen Page flannel sexy

Credit: Getty Images

Who looks best in a flannel shirt? It’s no surprise to anyone: Ellen Page. Juno, you can sell our baby to Jennifer Garner anytime!

…Oh God, our baby!

Tennis hotties

Ana Ivanovic hot sexy
Credit: Getty Images

Tennis outfits are inherently hot: short, flared skirts, little ankle socks, lots of leg on display and some powerful arms encircling tight tank tops. Plus: ponytails! Nice forehand, Ana Ivanovi?.

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