Babies’ Foreskins Might Help Save Animals

Credit: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

Surprisingly, the headline isn’t misleading, it only leaves out a bit of information, making the scientific sound a little more absurd but hardly inaccurate: According to The Local, German scientists are growing human skin from the cells of babies’ foreskin in the hope of using it to test cosmetics and medicines, reducing the need for animal testing.

Perhaps our view of the scientific breakthrough that might benefit animals by merely using the waste from a procedure that’s already a medical custom in many cultures is quite juvenile. This is a great scientific feat, certainly one that will be welcome by the great animal community. But we just can’t help but laugh that retractable penis covers might save the day. Baby foreskin, to the rescue! Among other least-expected anatomical parts or human by-products that might score a huge win for animals and/or get used to test cosmetics: pubic hair, bottled farts and vomit. Challenge accepted, science?