Smart Bets On Kobe Bryant’s Romantic Future, Literally

Credit: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

If you’re a serious sports gambler, then you probably have all your bowl game bets locked and loaded, have your spreadsheets ready for the NFL playoffs and are just now toying with the idea that the Clippers just went from 50:1 odds to 25:1 to win the NBA championship after getting Chris Paul. But really, how much fun is that?

Surely your girlfriend doesn’t know the difference between an over or under, but what she does know is gossip, magazine tabloids and that regardless of how good Kobe Bryant is he’s still “not a good guy!” So maybe for the first time in sports gambling history, your “go-to guy” is your go-to girl. Thanks to the gambling site Bovada, you have a slew of options to choose from and bets to place on the aftermath of Kobe’s much buzzed about divorce. Vanessa Bryant shouldn’t be the only one making tons of money from this divorce, right? We can all be winners!

How Much Money Will Vanessa Bryant Receive In Her Divorce Settlement?

$0-50 Million
$51-100 Million
$101+ Million

Supposedly there was no prenuptial agreement. Add that with 10 years of marriage and a net worth estimated at $150 million, and you get one rich divorcee. Does Kobe not listen to Kanye‘s lyrics? No prenup means half. That means $75 million for Vanessa.

The Smart Bet: Put all your money on the $51-100 Million bet; in fact, if you have $75 million to bet, you could end up being as wealthy as Kobe used to be.

Who Will Be Seen First On A Public Date?

Kobe Bryant
Vanessa Bryant

NBA players have different…girls in different area codes. They don’t go out on dates per se. Vanessa Bryant is going to be a hot commodity because she’s hot and can talk guys into not signing prenups. Plus, she has always been someone who wants the camera on her, so you know she will find some high-profile dates for the paparazzi to see her on.

The Smart Bet: Follow the cameras. Vanessa Bryant.

Who Will Be Kobe’s Next Girlfriend?

Entertainment (TV/Film)
Elin Nordegren

A model seems most likely on this one, especially because of his rumored affair with Playboy model Jessica Burciaga, and because the next step for a model once her career starts to decline is to be a model wife, arm candy. Being an L.A. staple really leaves all these options wide open though, except for Elin Nordegren of course–she already got paid Tiger Woods money, which makes Kobe Bryant money look like a value meal. Kobe seems too competitive to date an athlete, so you can rule that out.

The Smart Bet: Model. They won’t ask any questions, let him do his thing and get courtside seats at Lakers games and money to swim in, which is basically every model’s dream.

Will Kobe Bryant Officially Announce He Is Dating Jessica Burciaga in 2012?


Why announce it? What’s the point? As long as a legal battle is going on, he will most likely keep his mouth shut. Then again, he probably wants her to keep her mouth shut as well (most of the time, wink wink, lol, etc.) to keep him out of trouble. If she demands he makes a statement saying it’s official or she’ll talk, then maybe he will make an announcement, but it’s highly unlikely.

The Smart Bet: Not a chance.

Will Kobe Bryant Officially Announce He Is Dating Carla DiBello in 2012?


I hope all these “official announcements” that could be made happen on one hell of a slow news day. Carla DiBello is close friends with Kim Kardashian, and has been linked to Kobe for a few years now, and supposedly Kobe has bragged to his teammates about his sexual romances with DiBello. Kim is probably already educating Carla on how to make a reality show out of this, but if Khloe Kardashian finds out about this, she better put an end to it, because Khloe knows best!

The Smart Bet: If he does make an official announcement about a girl, this will be the girl he makes it about. Get risky, play the long odds and bet “yes.”

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