Clutch Vault: Jim Jones Sports A Onesie In ‘Bad Santa Intro’

Credit: Wendy Hope/MTV

There’s a gold mine of classic hip-hop, rock, metal and other awesome videos from yesteryear in the MTV Yearbook and elsewhere on the Web. With all these excellent visuals at our disposal, we’ve decided to roll out some favorite nostalgia blasts to the face for the Clutch Vault, which is best experienced with a friend.

Jim Jones‘ video for “Bad Santa Intro” off the Christmas-themed album Jim Jones & Skull Gang Present A Tribute to Bad Santa Starring Mike Epps only takes us three years back, but a video with a decent Jones flow and a grown man in a onesie is worth revisiting, especially this time of year. The album wasn’t a commercial success and a dispute about proper crediting/compensation actually became the subject of a lawsuit, but this song and its video are still pretty tight. Feliz Navidad!

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