Top 5 Most Triumphant Juggalo Moments Of 2011

Credit: Scott Gries/Getty Images

After 20 years of hustling and rustling, the Insane Clown Posse has built a substantial, dedicated and equally insane following. They go by the name Juggalos. While many outsiders are unaware of this subculture or see it as a punch line, 2011 has been a huge year for Juggalos and they’ve truly started to become part of the mainstream. Big name celebrities are now showing up at their annual Gathering and nearly anything involving Juggalos goes viral online. Here’s a look back at the year that future history books may refer to as “Year of the Juggalo,” with this dysfunctional family’s most triumphant moments.

5. They got their own documentary

Director Sean Dunne and his crew visited this year’s Gathering of the Juggalos to learn what it meant to be one. “Family” and “not judging appearance” took top spots. Witness: Juggalos in their own words! Caution: the NSFW documentary contains full-frontal female nudity and all the swears you would expect a Juggalo to holler.

4. Vanilla Ice signed to Psychopathic Records

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A white kid spitting awkward rhymes while the whole world tells him that he sucks? Heck, Vanilla Ice was a Juggalo before ICP existed. And while it’s easy to make fun of Vanilla (aw yeah, boyeeeeeee!) remember that his music was so valuable at one time the that Suge “Lex Luthor” Knight stalked him around America to procure the rights. See, kids, you stick around long enough and everyone respects you. Triumph!

3. Charlie Sheen asked to be a Juggalo

Charlie Sheen: Juggalo?Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Tiger Blood Wizard had his rep contact ICP this year and ask if he could join in the festivities, and even took a massive paycut for his appearance. Wait…you can just offer your company to people and then charge them thousands of dollars for it? Why have we been hanging out for free, then?

2. ICP covered Mozart with Jack White

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Everyone respects Mozart and everyone cool respects The White Stripes. That’s why it’s a huge deal Jack White enlisted ICP to record the prodigy’s dirtiest ditty. Pretty great classical music for two clowns and a guy who looks like Willy Wonka. Or does Willy Wonka look like Jack White? Or do they BOTH look like Mozart without his wig? No one can say, and we must be content with the answer in our hearts.

1. FBI upgraded them to gang status!

Nobody escapes J. Uggalo Hoover

For a group whose entire identity is about not fitting in and not playing around, this is the most solid validation they could have received. Now being a Juggalo isn’t just for kids who have been bullied by the jocks; it’s an official tribe of criminal warriors! Whoop WHOOP!

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