12 Jolly (But Mostly Bad) Santa Tattoos

Credits: tattoogathering; tattoojoy

Ho Ho Ho! Your innocence is gone and Santa is not real but the spirit of Christmas remains. By that, we mean that it’s always fun to help the less fortunate, gobble down food with family, dabble in consumerism and getting boozy with old friends–in approximately that order. Some people really catch the spirit of the season, the kind of people who get Jolly Old Saint Nicholas tattoos. Some picture the plump, time-defying fellow from the North during happier times; others, like the pair above, not so much. Check it out.

Even Santa keeps his distance from the creepy Easter bunny

Credit: reducethepanic

Watch out for evil, elf-ish Santa

Credit: bodyartclan

Sorry for this one, but not really…

Credit: shinyshiny

With candy canes…

Credit: tattoojoy

With a butter knife!

Credit: BuzzFeed

Billy Bob rules

Credit: tattoogathering

They ran out of calculators at the North Pole*

Credit: robswtfrant

* They ran out at the Galápagos Islands, actually. This is actually Charles Darwin, not Santa, as a commenter pointed out.


Credit: tattoonow

It’s a Christmas mash-up: Santa + Grinch

Credit: BuzzFeed

Merry Christmas With Tabaluga”

Credit: fyeahtattoos

Yoda! What are you doing here?

Credit: BuzzFeed

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