8 World Leaders Who Will/Will Not Attend Kanye’s Funeral

Credit: Dave Bennett/Getty Images

Kanye West said the following a few weeks ago:

“I wanna have world leaders [at my funeral] that were, like, affected, that said, you know, ‘Kanye gave me my shot here…he told me to believe in myself'”

Uh, OK. Is that so, Mr. West? You know we couldn’t let this slide without some sort of response. That being said, here are some world leaders who will or will not show up for Kanye’s fictitious funeral services.

The Pope

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After Kanye’s lines in “No Church In the Wild” like “We found a new religion / no sins as long as there’s permission,” the Pope definitely will not show up for this funeral. No church in the wild, ay? Well, no church presence at Ye’s memorial, either.

The Dalai Lama

Credit: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

The Dalai Lama is one of the world’s most revered spiritual advisers, so he will show up to West’s funeral to advice Kanye’s spirit on how not to be such a douche in the afterlife.

Queen Elizabeth

Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth will not show up Yeezy’s memorial services. She’s the boss of all bosses in good ol’ LDN, so she can tell her grandson Prince William all day who he should marry. But having Kanye West suggest wives for the Prince in “N****s In Paris” doesn’t fly. Besides, Mary-Kate and Ashley? Really?

George Bush

Credit: Robert Martinez/Getty Images

That whole Hurricane Katrina telethon seemed to really strike a chord with George W. Bush. He will show up to Kanye’s funeral just to prove that he does care about black people. Plus, what else could Dubya possibly be doing these days?

Oprah Winfrey

Credit: Larry Busacca

As the world leader for women everywhere, Orpah Winfrey will not be showing face at the funeral for a man with misogynistic undertones in his music. If anything, she’ll send Gayle King in her place.

Nelson Mandela

Credit: Getty Images

Nelson Mandela has a heart of gold and will show up to Kanye West’s funeral just because Ye requested his presense. Even if Kanye’s funeral is in another 50 years, Mandela will still show up, because he’s obviously immortal.

Barack Obama

Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Unless his good friend Shawn Carter strong-armed him into going, Barack Obama will not show up to Kanye West’s funeral. Especially if it’s an election year. Our President is no fool, and neither is his wife, Michelle. Remember how much flack they got just for inviting Common to the White House?

Bill Clinton

Credit: Getty Images

Bill Clinton knows how to party, and chances are, when Kanye’s funeral will be a party, of sorts. So the former President will show up.

Conversation for the photo above goes something like this:

Clinton: So Kanye wants world leaders at his funeral. I’m going. Is this how you make “the Roc” hand sign?

Obama: You know you’re an idiot, right?

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