LFL Trash Talk: Orlando’s Jeannette McCoy Hates Your Disney Jokes

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Long Island, New York, native Jeannette McCoy has settled in as a personal trainer in Orlando, Florida, and by the looks of her image, she obviously preaches what she practices. But playing for the Orlando Fantasy (1-0) means that opponents will make Disney jokes, some of them terrible. More on that below. Check out Jeannette tonight when the Fantasy (1-0) take on the Cleveland Crush (0-3) at 10/9c on MTV2.

What’s the worst trash-talking line you’ve heard in the LFL?
When a Baltimore player said, “Orlando, this is my house; take your ass back to Disney World.” Really, that’s all you can come up with? Then Baltimore ended up receiving a Fantasy whooping!

Favorite beer or drink?
I wouldn’t say I’m a drinker but hey, I’m from Long Island, New York, and one drink that has never steered me wrong is a Long Island (Iced Tea). Now that drink will definitely do it for me.

Who’s your favorite NFL player and why?
New York Giants Hall of Fame outside linebacker Lawrence Taylor, #56. In 1986 he had 20.5 sacks. He is a Super Bowl champion. His style of play changed how offenses blocked linebackers. He made such an impact. Lawrence Taylor wasn’t the quickest or the strongest player in the league but he wasn’t going to be out-worked.

Favorite Bill Murray movie?
It has to be “Scrooged.” Come on, who couldn’t help but to cry at the end? Scrooge took care of everyone.

Favorite cartoon character?
He-Man’s sister She-Ra. She’s a hero and a leader, yet she’s womanly. There is nothing sexier then a powerful, strong woman.

What body part are you most proud of?
I have to go with my abs. I get a lot of compliments and I’m proud of them because I have a son. I’m a personal trainer so it gives women the will to want to work hard to get them, too.

What’s your last meal on death row?
Well that’s an obvious one for me. I’m Puerto Rican so I will have to go with my mom’s Arroz con Gandules, Pasteles and all the traditional Puerto Rican dishes. And top it off with a Snickers bar!

Favorite member of Wu-Tang?
Oh man, Wu-Tang. My favorite is definitely Method Man. Who can forget him and Mary J. Blige with I’ll be there for you/You’re all I need to get by … that was the jam.

Should toilet paper roll out from the bottom or the top?
With this one I’m actually going into my bathroom to see how I prefer it. Hold on. Well in one of my bathrooms the roll is coming from the top and in the other bathroom it’s coming from the bottom.