10 Photos Of Aaron Rodgers Photobombing Game Captains

With the game tied at 35-35 and three seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Mason Crosby nails the 30-yard kick keeping the Green Bay Packers‘ undefeated record and qualifying them for postseason. In honor of Green Bay’s 38-35 win over the New York Giants last night, Clutch compiled our favorite images of quarterback Aaron Rodgers photobombing the game’s captains. This is something Rodgers has been doing since 2006, probably because he was bored of being Brett Favre‘s backup, and has even gotten his backup Matt Flynn involved. The photos get better every year–take a look.

2006, Week 7, Miami Dolphins

2007, Week 13, Dallas Cowboys

2007, Week 15, St. Louis Rams

2007, Week 16, Chicago Bears

2008, Week 12, New Orleans Saints with bonus quarterback Matt Flynn

2009, Week 9, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2010, Week 14, Detroit Lions

2011, Week 3, Chicago Bears

2011, Week 9, San Diego Chargers

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Photos: Rodgers Photobomb