Its The Real Breaks Down Nominees For Sucker Free Awards

MTV2’s weekly hip-hop countdown show “Sucker Free” is crowning the kings and queens of rap this Sunday at 11 p.m. with its own awards show. Held at LIV Fountainebleau Miami Beach, the Sucker Free Awards will be anything but traditional, with the YMCMB performance already getting lots of buzz.

To get our heads around this year’s SFA nominees, we decided to enlist the help of the foremost hip-hop experts we know, Eric and Jeff Rosenthal from Its The Real. The hosts of MTV Clutch’s The Check-In have done the Master P dance with Chromeo, forced Childish Gambino to answer questions as Common and joked about hipster mustaches with Talib Kweli, so we’re pretty sure they’re qualified to discuss anything hip-hop. And we should immediately believe and support their opinions without question.

Must Follow Artist

Eric: This is a tough one, they all seem very permissible, but I think in the end the person who’s going to win will be Chris Brown because he can never be beat.

Jeff: I disagree. I think 50 Cent deserves to win because he gives out illegal stock tips, and you don’t want to miss that.

Rookie of the Year

Eric: I think the most legitimate artist out of this category is J. Cole. I think that echoes from his co-sign, to his first week sales and ultimately the product that’s actually on the CD.

Jeff: Out of this group, I agree, it’s J. Cole. He brings an East Coast lyricism back, and I look forward to his stuff most out of these four artists.

Eric: I’d like to add that there’s no chance J. Cole is going to win, because this is MTV…

Jeff: Yeah, so Tyler the Creator will win.

Best Crew of 2011

Eric: Overall, it’s nice of people in hip-hop to get along with each other, and even if that just means getting along with the people in your group, because that wasn’t always the case.

Jeff: Yeaaaaaaaah, I don’t know about that. I feel like there’s always dramas within certain factions, aren’t there? (Looking over list) Well actually, never mind, everyone on this list seems to actually get along.

Eric: OK, so my winner for “Best Crew” is YMCMB (Young Money & Cash Money Billionaires) because there’s no artist that’s not on YMCMB right now, so it’s kind of rigged category.

Artist of the Year

Jeff: Jay-Z and Kanye, which is a very unoriginal answer, but I think they pushed everything forward with Watch the Throne in an artistic way that no other artist did.

Eric: If you’re actually going to say “Artist,” then you have to respect the artists’ artistry, and Jay-Z and Kanye put together a product that could be hung up in a museum, and they should be celebrated for that.

Classic Album of the Year

Jeff: I think we both agree that Watch the Throne is the one.

Eric: It’s almost unfair to put them up against anyone else because the others just look like redheaded stepchildren in comparison.

Jeff: I don’t think any of the other albums will be remembered in a year.

Club Banger

Jeff: Well, seeing as these two Jewish boys are posted up in the club all the time, we are the proper ones to ask. I’d say, especially now, that it’s between Meek Mill and Jay-Z and Kanye, but I would have to say “Ima Boss” is the better song.

Who’s Got Next

Jeff: I have an issue with this category in that it’s called “Who’s Got Next (Best Artist Without an Album)” and Mac Miller already released his album, so I don’t think we should be allowed to vote on him.

Eric: Well, we weren’t going to vote for him anyway. Let’s take them out one by one. It’s not Mac Miller.

Jeff: No.

Eric: It’s not ASAP Rocky.

Jeff: Nope.

Eric: But the other three I think are really strong.

Jeff: I agree. I would widdle it down to Kendrick Lamar and Big K.R.I.T. I think I would have to go with Kendrick; he’s just so likable. He’s a West Coast Drake.

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