Gift Guide: What Your Headphones Say About You

They say that clothes make the man, but what about the accessories? Here at MTV Clutch, we’ve been noticing a new trend: Headphones are fast becoming a way to separate yourself from the masses. Here are the ones you should hope to get as holiday presents and what each pair says about the guy who wears them.

Studio Beats By Dr. Dre

Price: $300
What They Say About You: Beats Studio Headphones are worn by deep-pocketed college kids, pro athletes and wannabe hip-hop moguls. Unless you’ve been living under house arrest for the last year, you are aware of the Dr. Dre side project. With your choice of nine colors, Beats Studio headphones have sleek styling (including the defining “B”), ear-popping sound and premium features one would expect from the good doctor. Bump on.

Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator Brown Gold

Price: $150
What Do They Say About You: For the guy who dreams of piloting their own G6, Roc Nation’s Aviator Brown Golds are the headphones made for you. The ’70s-era styling mimics the sunglasses of the same name. Boasting Mylar drivers, a reinforced mic-cord, a vinyl covered headband and polished see-through earpieces, these Skullcandy cans scream “balla” while costing “ball boy.”

Positive Vibrations by House of Marley

Price: $60
What They Say About You: For the guy who daydreams about drinking Red Stripes on the sandy shores of Montego Bay rather than standing next to the smelly guy on the E train riding to Jamaica Queens, House of Marley’s Positive Vibrations are the perfect fit. Positive Vibrations feature vibrant colors, noise canceling, Eco-friendly construction (made with recycled materials) and surprising crisp sound for around 60 bucks. Next time someone asks you to pass something to the left-hand side make sure you don’t let these headphones out of your sight.

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Philips O’Neill Stretch

What They Say About You: For the guy who spends all day behind the desk pushing paper and the weekends shredding down the mountain or jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, Philips O’Neill Stretch headphones are the ear covers for you. The Stretch feature both impact and high stress crack-resistant construction, amazing over ear comfort, tangle free cable and styling that you would expect from O’Neill. With the ability to take more abuse than a college kid’s first credit card, the Stretch headphones are perfect for the weekend warrior in all of us.

BlueAnt Embrace

Price: $200
What They Say About you: For the guy who has membership in every airport lounge but refuses to buy those standard issue set of noise-canceling headphones. Embrace headphones are sophisticated, stylish and provide noise canceling high fidelity at a low end price. Cash in some of those frequent flyer miles to join the mile high club of sound.

Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset

Price: $100
What They Say About You: For the guy who only leaves his man cave for bathroom breaks and Mountain Dew refills. The Official Sony PlayStation 3 Wireless Headset wasn’t deigned to be worn outside the house as a fashion statement, but they sure make a statement by how they sound and feel on your head. Key features include on-screen status updates, rechargeable battery, retractable mic and the ability to hear your enemy coming in 7.1 surround sound, making this headset as exciting to wear as a confirmed headshot.

American Eagle Outfitter Beanie Headphones

What They Say About You: For the guy who wants a cheap set of ear buds and still look cool at the same time, the AEO Beanie Headsets are for you. With AEO offering similar headsets in Trapper Hats and Ear Muff models, don’t be surprised if you see celebrities such as Jamie King, Rachel Bilson and Trevor Donovan sporting these fashion statements on the streets in a city near you.

Marshall Major FX Headphones

Price: $140
What They Say About You: For the guy who feels the need to have ear-sized Marshall Amp Cabinets on his head at all times, Marshall makes the Major FX just for you. Marshall brings the sounds of the stage to the masses with over-the-ear headphones featuring comfy ear pads, collapsible design, a moving 15.4 coil driver and iGadget plug. Next time you’re in L.A., wear these into the Rainbow bar and tell Lemmy from MotorHead that Craig says “Hey!”

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones

Price: $300
What They Say About You: When you want to tell the world that you enjoy the finer things in life, you’re sporting the P5 headphones from our friends over at Bowers and Wilkens. The P5’s combine noise-isolating design, metal and sealed-leather construction (like a luxury car seat) and in-line remote control and mic to create a soundgasim between your ears. The P5’s are so slick that they allow you to take control of your iPhone while still in your gym bag. For those who say money can’t buy you happiness haven’t listened to music on the B&W P5 headphones lately.

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Top Photo: Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images