Best Naked Celebrity Photo Leaks Of 2011

There are many troubling repercussions of our endlessly egocentric, navel-gazing culture: the Kardashian empire, Facebook updates that actually update life status, Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter army, etc. The rise of celebrity nude photos is not one of those troubling repercussions. Thanks to smartphones, notoriously self-obsessed starlets have more avenues for (naked) self-admiration. And the more photos they snap of themselves sans clothing, the more that will eventually make their way onto the internet.

Thus, the leaked lewd celebrity pic is something of a cottage industry by now. So, join us in celebrating the best nude leaks of 2011. We’ll be the first to admit it’s a little skeevy knowing that some of these were the result of hacks. But, the alleged offender has been arrested, so you can ogle with a clear conscience. Now, on to the smut!

6. Kreayshawn

This internet rap star’s breakout hit declared, “Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada/Basic bitches wear that s*** so I don’t even botha.” Then these photos were leaked and, whaddya know, those designer garments were nowhere in sight. Say what you will about Kreayshawn, but she practices what she preaches.

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5. Lady Gaga

These Lady Gaga outtakes from a Japanese Vogue shoot are exactly what you’d expect Lady Gaga outtakes from a Japanese Vogue shoot to look like.

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4. Vanessa Hudgens

Computers nearly exploded in 2009 when the “High School Musical” star’s naughty bits were exposed. While those photos could’ve been deemed “classy” or “tasteful,” the only descriptors one could use to sugarcoat Vanessa Hudgenssecond round of pics are “pink” or “medically accurate.”

3. Blake Lively

Though Blake Lively‘s camp insists they’re fake, the second batch of leaked photos shows the subject rocking the exact same fake tattoos Ms. Lively wore in “The Town.” Sooo…good luck with that, Blake’s PR person.

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2. Scarlett Johansson

Unlike many celebrities who play coy when their nude self-portraits go viral, ScarJo was quick to own up to her photos, going so far as to tell Vanity Fair “I know my best angles.” That, she does. As do countless horny males, now.

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1. Amber Rose

Turns out current Wiz Khalifa shortie and former Kanye West fling Amber Rose is the raunchiest girl of this bunch. She’s REALLY committed to this hair minimalism thing.

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