Dunder Mifflin Paper, Plus 7 Examples Of Quirky TV Show Merch

Why buy regular blank paper when you can get a 20-pound stack of dead tree with “The Office“-themed slogans on it like, “Our motto is, Quabity First” and “Get Your Scrant On”? Because the regular kind is cheaper–fair point. But if you do want paper from Dunder Mifflin, now you can buy it through Staples-owned company Quill for $34.99 a case. That’s actually only five dollars more than the same weight in paper for a regular batch, which means the paper is a reasonably priced collectible.

The sale is a gimmick, no doubt, but it’s kind of funny, and it certainly isn’t the first time a seller (licensed or unlicensed) has attempted to push a product that’s related to a TV show. We looked but couldn’t figure out whether anyone ever packaged “Saved By The Bell” caffeine pills with Jesse’s image on it, but there are a bunch of other quirky TV products out there.

ABC used to sell “LOST” necklaces with a Dharma Initiative Station Pendant for $80. “Don’t just watch the mystery unfold. Wear it!” Their pitch, not ours.

Photo: Kaboodle

Inspired by Abby from “NCIS,” “everyone’s favorite goth forensic scientist,” you can own Bert the Farting Hippo for $30. “NCIS” fan or not, who wouldn’t want a farting hippo?

Photo: CBS

If someone makes it far enough to see the DTF print, chances are he’s already sealed the deal. But if a woman wants to remove all doubt, wear the phrase from “Jersey Shore, available on eBay for only $10.

Photo: eBay

There’s always money in the banana stand. Cook in Bluth-style with this “Arrested Development“-inspired apron.

Photo: TVstoreonline

That’s Binford, as in the fictional hardware brand from “Home Improvement.” We found this automotive glass test on a German website that sells a bunch of “Tool Time” memorabilia. Apparently Germans dig David Hasselhoff and Tim Allen.

Photo: tooltime-fan

For the uninitiated: NO MA’AM is Al Bundy‘s organization in “Married … with Children,” formed to fight the increasing power of women all over society, and to bowl and drink beer. Join the movement with this shirt for $20.

Photo: 80stees

“Friends” faithful immediately recognize that peephole frame as a fixture on Monica’s door for the entire series. “Same distressed color and look, same intricate details,” the seller says. $43.95.

Photo: FriendsPoster

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