Clutch Vault: Adam Sandler Sings The ‘Thanksgiving Song’

There’s a gold mine of classic hip-hop, rock, metal and other awesome videos from yesteryear in the MTV Yearbook and elsewhere on the Web. With all these excellent visuals at our disposal, we’ve decided to roll out some favorite nostalgia blasts to the face for the Clutch Vault, which is best experienced with a friend.

Long before Adam Sandler unleashed a series of box office turds including the most recent tragedy, “Jack and Jill,” he made the awesome films that inspired the “Happy Madison” brand. He also played some ridiculous–and yes, funny–characters on Weekend Update. Among those eccentric figures was Opera Man (who summarized news in opera and gibberish), Sleepyhead (a pajama-clad man who mumbled about nonsense and foreign affairs in his sleep), and Adam Sandler himself, who always brought along his guitar and trademark smirk. People evolve and develop new interests (like making s***** movies), and that’s cool, but we miss the Sandler who rhymed about turkey and Thanksgiving.

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Photo: NBC