Clutch Vault: Metallica ‘One”s Imprisoning Darkness

There’s a gold mine of classic hip-hop, rock, metal and other awesome videos from yesteryear in the MTV Yearbook. With all these excellent visuals at our disposal, we’ve decided to roll out some favorite nostalgia blasts to the face for the Clutch Vault, which is best experienced with a friend.

Roll back the dial to late Summer of 1988 when Metallica released And Justice for All, their fourth and best-selling album at the time (the Black Album entered in 1991). “One,” a powerful song with graphic imagery of war, became the third and final single off Justice in January 1989. It remains one of the band’s most popular songs, and the video for the track was actually Metallica’s first. The video contains footage from the 1971 film adaptation of the anti-war novel “Johnny Got His Gun.” In 2011, war is still hell. It’s also still impossible to watch this powerful video without grabbing an air guitar.

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Photo: Getty Images