Hip-Hop’s Favorite Lyric: “I’m The Black [Blank]” GIFs

Search through the back catalogs of any rapper’s lyrics and you’re almost guaranteed to a find some version of this line: “I’m the black ______.” The blank space is the part that changes. For some rappers it’s a bad ass white person (think Axl Rose, Heath Ledger). For others it’s a chance to make a joke (think Elizabeth Taylor, Miley Cyrus). We’ve taken four of our favorite examples of this lyric and illustrated them in GIF form because it seemed like a good idea. Turns out, it was a brilliant idea. And here they are, four excellent versions of this lyric structure, plus one example from the sports world thrown in for fun.

“Black Axl Rose, move halfs and wholes.” — Jay-Z, “Welcome to the Jungle”

“I’m a star. I’m the black Hannah Montana.” — Gucci Mane, “Easy”

“Having nightmares that I’m the black Heath Ledger.” — Childish Gambino, “I’m Alright”

“Bitches calling me the black Liz Taylor.” — Nas, “Live Now”

“This year, I’m going to try to be the black Wes Welker.” — Nate Burleson

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Photos: Getty. GIFs by Gusto