Things To Watch At ‘Watch The Throne’ Besides The Throne

Earlier in the week, Jay-Z and Kanye West brought their Watch the Throne tour to New York. The show was packed with high energy, tons of classics and two hip-hop heavyweights. Jay and Ye made history with the album Watch the Throne, as the two came together and created one huge work under The Throne. Okay enough of the Masterpiece Theatre jargon, the concert had some other finer moments like animals being killed on a TV screen. Don’t believe us? Read on.

1. Kanye West’s Leather Skirt

Real men wear kilts says Andre3000. Kanye agreed, and has proudly donned a black leather man-skirt…very chic. That’s not all, he had black leather leggings underneath. Was he cold? Did he forget to shave his legs? Who knows. The point is, Kanye West wears skirts. Since he’s so fashion forward, Kanye’s guy fans will certainly be walking around in leather skirts (sorry, kilts) in no time won’t they? Won’t they?? Because he already spent too much on ours.

4. Kanye West’s Cosby Sweater

Designer wool bomber adorned with intricate stitching, blah blah blah. Kanye West had on a Cosby sweater. Typically, Cosby sweaters are pullovers in designs like Coogi, but Ye’s loose jacket definitely fell under the umbrella of Cosby sweaters too. He wore that for most of the show until he took it off in favor of a long T-shirt and then put on his fancy red leather jacket from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With the bomber on–coupled with the leather skirt–he looked like a medieval warrior.

3. Jay-Z Looked 15 Years Old

Jay-Z looked so young on this tour it almost seemed like Beyoncé just gave birth to him. He must sit in a jacuzzi of Oil of Olay because Jay looked younger than his protégé Kanye West. Hov was dancing about, running and looking just all around spry. Perhaps he was getting his cardio on to prepare for chasing around the little girl he and his wife will be having next year.

2. Antelope Dying Right Before Our Eyes

The duo opened their show with the Lex Luger produced track “H.A.M.” On the screens were growling rottweilers. That’s fine. Then, the imagery evolved. Soon, National Geographic was laughing as PETA cried with visuals of antelope being mauled by cheetahs in the jungle. Not just mauled either, like there was a whole chase and antlers were in the air. It was enough to turn Guy Fieri into a vegan. On top of all that, when “No Church In the Wild” began, there were images of little children in KKK hoods. We get it, you’re artists…

1. Jay (and Ye) Every Day, No Compromise

This may go without saying, but Jay-Z and Kanye West were the actual attraction to watch as opposed to a show spun-off from an album. With most of hip-hop these days, live performances usually happen in the hopes that either Jay-Z or Kanye West will show up. This was their show, no special guests because they were the special guests.

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