Friday Night Football: Best Of The West On 11/11/11

On 11/11/11 we’ll find out which team is number one in the LFL’s Western Conference when the last two remaining undefeated teams–the 2-0 Las Vegas Sin and 1-0 L.A. Temptation–do battle in Sin City. It’s a contest of the old guard versus a team on the rise, and also a match-up between two squads with suggestive names, which we unabashedly enjoy.

Both teams have plenty of firepower on both sides of the ball. Lingerie Bowl VIII MVP, quarterback Ashley Salerno, leads an offense with a solid rusher in Amber Reed, weapons on the outside in Gegi Van De Walker and Chloe Butler, and an offensive line anchored by veteran Natalie Jahnke. The defense is strong too, holding Minnesota to only 109 total yards of offense in the opener and forcing two turnovers.

As we are members of the Church of Sunshine Uli, we think that the she can have a strong impact in this game. Can the Temptation linebackers, led by Monique Gaxiola, contain Uli from the tight end spot? L.A.’s D will also have to deal with running back Tracee Thomas and quarterback Nikki Johnson, who’s having an excellent and interception-free season so far. Vegas, baby. Kickoff is this Friday at 12 eastern/9 pacific on MTV2.