Heavy D’s And Other Celebrities’ Famous Last Tweets

BE INSPIRED! That was Heavy D’s last message on Twitter. The New York rap legend, a member of Heavy D & The Boyz, died yesterday at the age of 44 after experiencing difficulty breathing. A cause of death has not yet been determined. “Be inspired.” That was a nice note for the active Twitterer with 178,000 followers to go out on.

“Famous Last Tweets” is 2011’s version of famous last words. Celebrities still speak privately, obviously, but as more and more celebrities use Twitter to build relationships online with their fans (or just to vent), those that depart this Earth leave a final, time-stamped message on the web. Some famous last tweets eerily foretell a death, others, like Heavy’s, inspire and some simply indicate where a person’s mind was a few hours or days before their passing.

Three days later, DJ AM aka Adam Goldstein, died from a drug overdose in his New York City apartment.

British racing driver and two-time Indianapolis 500 champ died in a crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway the same day he dispatched the tweet, which we assume is a reference to the start of the race.

The legendary pitchman was found dead by his wife the following morning. Initial speculation on the cause of his death pointed to a head injury incurred during the bumpy landing referenced above, but an autopsy report indicated the primary cause was heart disease.

This message on a fellow comic’s death is actually Giraldo‘s second to last tweet. The last one promoted his show at the Stress Factory in New Jersey, which he never made due to a prescription drug overdose. He died in the hospital a few days later.

One of heavy metal’s greatest voices, this tweet, we believe, was Ronnie James Dio‘s first and only, from two weeks before he died of stomach cancer. After he passed, his wife/manager Wendy (or another person close to him) provided updates on his account.

Successful American professional boxer Vernon “The Viper” Forrest tweeted this shout-out to Serena Williams the same day he was murdered at a gas station near Atlanta.

Ryan Dunn‘s last tweet before his death was a plug for the show he hosted, “Proving Ground.”

Heavy’s inspiration.

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Photos: Getty Images, Twitter