5 Big-Name Rappers Who Do Bar Mitzvahs, L’chaim!

Mac Miller and Drake have a lot in common: Both rappers drop anticipated albums this month and both are Jews who celebrated becoming a man at their bar mitzvah when they turned 13. Miller, who checked in with Eric and Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal) yesterday, will celebrate the release of debut album Blue Slide Park today; Drake’s sophomore album Take Care, set for a Nov. 15 release, unfortunately leaked Sunday night.

But back to the celebrations: Drake once referred to himself as “the best Jew in the rap game,” to which Mac playfully called himself the “coolest Jewish rapper.” Maybe they’re both right, although they disagreed on music at their bar mitzvah celebrations. Drake opted for the more traditional approach of a band—featuring the Backstreet Boys‘ “I Want It That Way” as the song of the night. For his part, Mac Miller said he went with a rapping DJ for his celebration. And if you want one of them to spit a few at a bar mitzvah near you, well Drake already has and we suspect Miller might too if the price is right. Check out several more prominent rappers who’ve hit up the bar and bat mitzvah circuit.

50 Cent

“The last bar mitzvah I booked, I got paid $500,000 for 30 minutes,” 50 told Blender a few years ago. “That’s not a fixed rate, but it’s in the ballpark.” That’s the last one he booked, meaning there were more that may be unreported. Looks like Fiddy has been killing it on the bar mitzvah circuit. He once performed at a no-expense-spared bat mitzvah in Manhattan along with Aerosmith (this might be where he picked up the hefty $500K fee). We gonna party like it’s your bat miztvah…

Snoop Dogg

“I performed at a bar mitzvah,” Snoop told Esquire. “And I’m telling you, man, these little mother******s, they were singing my s***, they was cussin’, they were singing the dirty version. I’m talking about 12- and 13-year-old little white kids singin’ this real gangsta s***. Man. I was shocked. I just gave them the mic and let them mother******s go.” Who else would love to see him on tour as “Snoop and the Little Mother******s”?


We mentioned Drake, who performed at former NBC executive Jeff Zucker’s son’s bar mitzvah for a hefty $250,000 fee. Drizzy was actually Zucker’s second and less expensive choice: They wanted Kanye but he demanded one millllllion dollars. So take your chump change and shove it, Mom and Dad, or try to find the next Paul Rudd to host your party.

Flo Rida

Flo Rida didn’t just perform at a bar mitzvah–he performed the s***  out of a bar mitzvah for a full hour. He received an undisclosed sum for the gig in Canada, leaving behind a crew of shrieking teenage girls and a substantial amount of sweat.


One of T.I.‘s last stops before heading to jail in 2009? A bar mitzvah in Birmingham, Michigan, of course. “I was going crazy,” said the young man who was celebrating his special occasion. “It was awesome to see such a big star up close.”

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