The Tao Of Arian Foster: 18 Of His Greatest Thoughts

Arian Foster’s Twitter feed is a face-slap of worldly observations, positivity and humor. We’d call him the Houston Texans‘ featured running back, but he’d tell you there’s much more to him than his on-field demolition work. Foster majored in philosophy at the University of Tennessee, where he once insisted that he’d only communicate with reporters in Pterodactyl, his made-up dinosaur language. A yoga practitioner, his Twitter bio reads: “I am an aspiring human being. I don’t take life too serious, none of us make it out alive. Understand the universe, you’ll understand me. #namaste.”

The introspective soul, who ironically plows over people on Sundays, showers both haters and supporters with love. During the summer, he held a contest where he asked fans to make videos about something(s) not football related that they’re passionate about, “something that you feel adds value to this world.” NFL players more often get attention for the bad; join us for a few minutes to enjoy, and ponder, some of the wisdom of one of the game’s greatest ambassadors.

On reincarnation

I was a hippie in my past life, and before that I was a friend of Shakespeare.

On nourishment

Hummus: the snack of gods.

On football and life

It sounds clichéd, but everybody’s dreams are out there waiting for them–everybody just has to go out and get it.

On priorities

I think politics are politics, and love is love. Pick your lane.

On the road

A full tank of gas feels like an economic orgasm.

On personhood

I am not a number. I bleed, I think, I feel, I hurt, I mourn, I cry, I laugh. We and you are the same. You are us. Love with me.

On devotion

These next 6 tweets are dedicated to the journey of a caterpillar…

On materialism

I bet you don’t care what kind of shoes you have on when you’re on your death bed.

On dairy

Milk is overrated.

On human pursuits

I was born in the wrong time. I yearn for the days where exploration, knowledge and science motivate my people, not money.

On childhood

As a kid I just knew the adults had it all figured out. As an adult, I think we had it right as kids.

On expectations

If the work you do is average and you put out average effort but expect anything else more than average, you are clinically insane.

On perspective

For those special souls out there who understand that this paper chase is a curtain hiding the beauty of this world, smile when you see me.

On the benefit of following him

It’s a mathematical fact. If you follow me on Twitter, your life can improve by 0.74%.

On confidence

Challenge status quo. Stand up. Stand out. Be yourself, there is no one like you. Explore yourself, once you find you everyone will take notice. People naturally flock to confidence, because the majority of people lack it therefore they subconsciously yearn for direction. Be the cornerstone of your own, and your loved ones’ future. Balance is found within, and you’ll be lost without.

On people who spell-check others on Twitter

Pig dung > #twitternazis

On ideas

Don’t be afraid of unpopular ideas, study history, the majority is always wrong.

On life and death

Death is imminent, ironically life isn’t. Take advantage of your time and live!

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