The 15 Best Rap-Staches [Photos]

November is Movember, which means guys will be walking around this month with mustaches to raise awareness (and donations) of men’s health issues. The whisker-growing task is easier for some than others: Many guys can grow thick, perfectly sculpted mustaches, yet others simply cannot. You probably tried and failed in middle or high school, and someone probably asked, “What the heck is on your face?” It’s cool.

The crop of men who have grown out a ‘stache include some great hip-hop artists (rap-staches), and we think some did extremely well, while others are funny and/or embarrassing. You can check out an earnest mustache guide here or scroll through the gallery of the best mustaches on rappers below.

1. Pharrell

The stylish rap-stache.

2. Kid Cudi

The wispy rap-stache.

3. The Sugarhill Gang

The group rap-stache.

4. Snoop Dogg

via lankuriousdad

The glaring-at-you rap-stache.

5. Slick Rick

The slick-stache.

6. Ludacris

The soul-patch-enhanced Academy Awards rap-stache.

7. Beastie Boys

via operachic

The fake mustaches (not really rap-staches).

8. Tupac

The legend’s rap-stache.

9. Immortal Technique

The immortal rap-stache.

10. The Boy Cruise

The tribute rap-staches.

11. Drake

The “I didn’t feel like shaving” rap-stache.

12. B.G.

via wmg

The glamour-shot rap-stache.

13. Will Smith

via musikalchairs

The Fresh Prince rap-stache.

14. P. Diddy

The carefully manicured rap-stache.

15. Weird Al Yankovic

via thatblueyak
The parody mustache.

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