6 NBA Players LeBron James And Kevin Durant Need For Flag Football

After Kevin Durant played a flag football game on Halloween night in Stillwater, Oklahoma, bored LeBron James decided to throw down the challenge via Twitter: “TeamKD35 vs. Team King James do I hear? Flag football. I have the best field here in Akron.” Durant accepted that challenge and it looks like things will get REAL (for real) as they prepare their teams to match up. But what if Durant and James could add three current NBA players on their team to join them? Who would they be? Based on high school and college football skills, we have the top six current NBA players who should be drafted by Durant and James to join them in battle.

1. Nate Robinson

The 5-foot-9 Nate Robinson totaled over 1,200 yards rushing and 500 receiving his senior year while scoring 21 touchdowns and was named a SuperPrep All-American, as well as ranked as the nations 17th best player. He played both football and basketball for the Washington Huskies. Best fit: Running Back and Defensive Back.

2. Glen Davis

Glen Davis was a stellar two-way football player in high school, starring at defensive end, defensive tackle and tailback. “Big Baby” still has dreams of playing in the NFL, but only after he “becomes and All-Star in the NBA.” Best fit: Blocking, Wide Receiver, Rusher.

3. Matt Barnes

In Matt Barnes‘ senior year of high school, he tallied 58 receptions for 1,112 yards and led the nation with 28 touchdown catches. The star wide receiver also held both All-American and All-State honors. Best fit: Wide Receiver (obviously).

4. Allen Iverson

Probably the nation’s best high school quarterback, Allen Iverson led his high school to two straight state championships (in both football and basketball). Had it not been for the “bowling alley incident,” there’s a good chance Iverson would have ended up in the NFL, not the NBA. Iverson is currently looking for a roster to be on, saying he “will play for any team,” so if that’s the case, Durant or James should have no problem picking him up. Best fit: Quarterback and Defensive Back.

5. Chris Paul

During his childhood, Chris Paul earned the most attention playing football as a quarterback, running back and linebacker. Just as in basketball, his size was questioned, but his speed and smarts allowed him to excel over everyone else. It wasn’t until he made the varsity basketball team in his junior year of high school that hoops became his life. Best fit: Running Back, Defensive Back.

6. Ben Wallace

Four-time defensive player of the year winner Ben Wallace was so talented at the linebacker position in high school, Auburn offered him a full scholarship with hopes of him playing on both sides of the ball. He was also an All-American in basketball, football and baseball–just a three-sport stud. He opted to play basketball at a community college over big time SEC football; the heart wants what the heart wants. Best fit: Defensive anything (madman factor).

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