JWOWW Wants Your Dirtiest, Filthiest (Misspelled) Public Sex Tales

The next time you have a sex romp around an Air Force military base, or engage in acts of public perversion against a tree, remember that JWOWW‘s website is in the market for nonfiction erotica (particularly if it’s kind of difficult to read).

JWOWW.com is a one-trick pony no longer. Alongside typical fitness tips and guides to the most effective pet maintenance rests a new and racy innovation: Sex stories! But with one stipulation–the tales cannot involve a bed. The winner of Clutch‘s Summer Bikini Smackdown Championship wants only her fans’ most sordid sexual anecdotes that had the potential to draw alert from the neighborhood watch.

Take a look at what fans have submitted so far below, and don’t be so shy! If you’ve ever proudly sported a shoulder-to-elbow scratch from a roll in your neighbor’s mulberry bushes, your erotic ink-slinging might just be the subject of the next post.

A Twist On High-Risk Sex

Me and my ex met up to talk about all the stuff that went down when we broke up; we ended up taking a walk in what we thought was the woods and ended up having sex against a tree. When we got back to the car, we found out we’d accidentally wandered onto a military firearms training base–that could of been dangerous.

Dewey Decimal Doin’ It

My boyfriend and I had sex in the library at my college. it was like 9pm on a weekday. The floor was pretty empty because it was some archives area. Not to mention after we got really into it he bent me over one of the desks by the window. Remember it was night time so if anyone was walking by they would’ve known what was up. It was fun though.

Life Is A Highway

My husband (we were just dating at the time) and I were driving from TN to Texas to see his son graduate from Air Force basic training. It was late at night and we started getting touchy feely while driving down the road so he found a remote exit off the interstate and took it. We found a field not to far off the main road and he parked in it. We had no idea if the ppl who owned it lived close by or not. We got out and put a couple blankets down in the bed of the truck and we had at each other right there in the open w cars driving by. Luckily we were far enough back in the field that no one saw us. Then we got dressed got back in the front of the truck and went back to driving to our destination. :) I hope you know that you are the first person I ever told this to!! Lol I know it’s not too crazy, but it was really crazy for me to do something like that. I guess that’s what love and passion for one another will get you!! :)

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