Hilariously Inappropriate Children’s Halloween Costumes [Photos]

Ah, as the post-Halloween diabetic comedown sets in, we’ve been trolling the internet for last night’s scariest costumes and came across some awesome, but really inappropriate, children’s costumes. They both impress and depress us. Go outside for fresh air, you say? They lock us in here (send clean water).

Walter White

Being giant fans of “Breaking Bad,” this frankly amazing costume of Walter White–the shows titular character who “breaks bad”– delighted us. The level of detail here is impeccable, right down to the “Heisenberg” name tag. But then you remember that the guy kills people and deals in actual tons of high quality meth. So there’s that.

Baby Walt & Jesse

This is Baby Walt and Baby Jesse from we’re guessing “Baby Breaking Bad.” They’re super adorable…and then you remember that they make BABY METHAMPHETAMINE.

Baby Cigarettes

Your child is a pack of cigarettes? This IS brilliant in many ways because we’d do the same thing given time, inclination and a child of our own. But your child is a pack of cigarettes? Your child causes emphysema, sir.

Cabbage Patch Kid

Why is this inappropriate? Because you might actually lose your child. That story could make for a great new “Home Alone” franchise. However, if you really lose your child in a doll superstore, none of us here at MTV will help you; after all “we told you so.”

Lil Wayne

If Tha Carter IV had been better (it’s bad, admit it), we’d have let this Lil Wayne costume pass. But that’s not the case, so we’re going to go ahead and say this is 11 shades of unhealthy.

BONUS: Lil Nicki Minaj! D’aww. She’s the cutest muthaf***in’ monster, all right.