13 Photos Of Women (Barely) Dressed As Nurses

Sexy cats, sexy nurses and sexy military have become cliché costumes for Halloween. However, they continue to be some of the most popular costumes for women. We even did serious research. So are they really cliché or classic? This week we’re publishing a series of photo galleries that prove these ubiquitous costumes can still be sexy and/or unique.

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it a bunch more times leading up to Halloween: Women are using Halloween as an excuse to traipse around half-naked. Sure, the weather’s getting a little bit colder depending on where you live, but they don’t care. Because they’re going party hopping dressed as a naughty something-or-other. One of the most popular sexy something-or-other costumes is the sexy nurse. Oh boy. Who can turn down a woman in a nurse’s outfit? Not many of us. Especially in these tough economic times, when most of us are without health insurance. It’s a simple costume to throw together, just something white to cover the important parts, a cap that looks like a folded up napkin and maybe a prop (like a hilariously large needle, or a stethoscope!). If you see a woman dressed as a sexy nurse at a party, you should probably go ahead and approach her, especially if you find out she’s actually a nurse. Because that would mean she has steady income and benefits, and she’s not afraid of bodily fluids. What follows is a few of our favorite under-dressed caretakers.

Sexy Nurses + “Silent Hill” fans = Total Win

Kisses from a half-naked pretend nurse aren’t covered by any insurance plans.

Nurse Coco

Christmas nurse?


Free healthcare for everyone. Please.


Model Denise Milani is not a registered nurse, but she’ll make you forget whatever’s been bothering you for an hour or two.


Now we know why Dwight was hung up on Angela.

Blink 182‘s Enema of the State cover featured our favorite nurse. Okay, Janine Lindemulder is actually an adult film star, but she looks great as a nurse.

Mariah Carey went the nurse route in the video for “Up Out My Face” featuring Nicki Minaj.



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DVDiva also happens to be a naughty nurse this Halloween.

Photos: Getty Images, NBC, Sony Music, MCA Records, unless otherwise noted