13 Photos Of Women (Barely) Dressed As Cats

Sexy cats, sexy nurses and sexy military have become cliché costumes for Halloween. However, they continue to be some of the most popular costumes for women. We even did serious research. So are they really cliché or classic? This week we’re publishing a series of photo galleries that prove these ubiquitous costumes can still be sexy and/or unique.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Many women use Halloween costumes as an excuse to expose tons of skin in public. And as men, who are we to stop them? We’re starting this series with one of the archetypal scantily clad lady costumes: The Cat. It can be a last-minute costume decision that’s often cute, sexy and shows off that necessary skin. All that’s really required are ears and a tail. If a young lady is really into putting some effort into it, whiskers are a nice touch. But let’s be honest, the average cat costume consists of ears, the tail and enough clothing in between to keep you from getting arrested. The following are some ladies who pull off The Cat…or at least made it their own.

Coco and Ice-T! These two kids love Halloween! And making those around them feel uncomfortable.

Hello Kitty, hello!


Yes, please show us the tail, because otherwise we would’ve just confused you for a stripper.

Heidi Klum is sexy. This cat costume, however, is not. You can’t have it all, folks.

Haters gonna hate.


Ashanti is fast like a cheetah.

Lingerie, black garland for a tail, some ears from the costume shop, and boom, you’re a cat of ill repute!

She’s either getting down and dirty, or looking for a lost contact lens. Let’s assume down and dirty.

This sexy cat getup falls somewhere between Mardis-Gras and key party.


Anne Cathaway.

Meowchelle Pfeiffer.

A sleepy leopard Christmas Cat? I give up.


Photos: Getty Images, Warner Bros, unless otherwise noted