Beavis And Butt-Head Turn BuzzFeed Into ButtFeed

Have you been to BuzzFeed today? The website that keeps us in the know about what’s happening online has been taken over by two idiots. Beavis and Butt-Head have stormed the site, changed its name to ButtFeed and turned it’s normal list of “Featured” content into “Featurd” content. Real mature, guys. Clearly, 14 years out of the public eye wasn’t enough for these two dumbasses to mature. And we’re thrilled about that. We love them precisely because they’re immature, butt-obsessed pervs. Just like we are.

The takeover isn’t just about artfully defacing the site, though. It’s also about giving lonely guys–you know, guys like them–some love advice. We’re talking sage wisdom like, “Ask the elderly for advice on how to score.” It’s about seeing how beautiful girls would look with Butt-Head’s gums. And determining all the things they should make fun of from their filthy couch.¬†Essentially, it’s about being idiots in a very public way. What more would you expect?

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