Friday Night Football: Tampa Breeze Host Cleveland Crush In An Eastern Conference Battle

It’s do or die time. Both the Cleveland Crush (0-1) and the Tampa Breeze (1-1), facing off tomorrow night in Tampa, desperately need a win to put themselves in contention for the playoffs. Otherwise they’ll fall toward the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Tampa has had a very Jekyl-and-Hyde (a sexy version) season to date, getting blasted by the Philadelphia Passion 48-0 in its opener, which the team bounced back from in a 48-14 drubbing of the Toronto Triumph. So which team shows up for its showdown against the Crush? The Breeze hope it’s the version where linebacker Adrian Purnell does her best Ray Lewis and jack-slaps the crap out of the Abbie Sullivan-led Crush offense. As usual, the Breeze offense will rely on its mighty running back Tiffani Powers and a stout secondary with safeties Liz Gorman and Bryn Renda.

The Crush’s first game was a 20-19 heartbreaker where they blew a 13-0 halftime lead. The Cleveland-based squad is still young and learning, but they’ve got some weapons on offense with wideouts Theresa Petruziello and Shannon Anderson, and tight end–and obvious frontrunner for “best name of the week” honors–Susan Cashdollar. This is a vital clash for both teams. Tune in tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 21) at 10/9c on MTV2.


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