Phoenix Jones Inspires Other Superheroes To Carry Pepper Spray

Vigilante crime-fighter and self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Jones, Seattle’s version of “Kick-Ass,” made his first court appearance on Thursday for pepper-spraying a group of innocent nightclub patrons he believed were involved in a street brawl. Previously, no self-respecting superhero would have been caught dead carrying a pepper spray canister, but Jones has proven its effectiveness. Sure, he’s suspected on four misdemeanor counts of assault; however, what if Jones had used his mixed martial arts training on those innocent bystanders instead of the pepper spray? They may all be dead now.

Since New York Comic-Con is in full-swing, comic books are on our brains. We think popular superheroes would be inspired by Phoenix Jones to carry pepper spray in case they have to neutralize groups of suspects without hurting them too seriously. You can see from the images, the canisters fit right in with their costumes.





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Source Material: DC Comics, Marvel Comics