12 Photos Of Sexy Zombie Women…For Real

Gorgeous zombie women: Giving a new meaning to the phrase “dead sexy.” You may not think you’re into ladies decked out in blood and guts, but we think you’ll reconsider after browsing this collection of sexy zombie women. Put another way, Jenna Jameson (above in “Zombie Strippers!“) would like to have a word with you.

With MTV’s “Death Valley” making waves, season two of “The Walking Dead” premiering this Sunday and Halloween around the corner, its time to get reacquainted with the sexiest dead women from movies, music, cosplay and beyond. The (hot) dead await you.

Jenna Jameson…she’s fierce

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Billy Bob Thornton’s vile of blood was just the beginning

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You’ve seen her ass, now her arm is exposed

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There’s no paperwork when you leave this hospital

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Zombies have more fun

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Why yes, it’s a traveling band of lovely zombie women

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Melinda Clarke in ‘Return of the Living Dead III

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Zombie pinups: Perfect for offices and waiting rooms

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And my axe!

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The great thing about zombie strippers…lap dances are free

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She wasn’t born this way

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