5 Classic Videos Of Guys With Long Hair Singing To Girls With Long Hair

Rock guys looking “feminine” is nothing new in rock culture but it really hit its saturation point  in the ’80s. If you wanted anyone to care about your music, you had to invest in a good hair spray–something that kept your mane from frizzing out past the shoulders of your leather jacket–and you couldn’t be stingy with the eyeliner. When bands like Skid Row, Poison and Warrant decided to pump out a video for one of their power ballads, the only thing distinguishing the female lead in the video from any of the lead singers was a pair of high heels and cleavage. The following five videos exemplify this perfectly.

Winger–‘Headed For A Heartbreak’

This one’s a pretty standard power-ballad video: Guys with girl hair singing in a studio that looks nothing like a studio, split up with shots of the lead singer and a chick. Ya know…just so you realize the song is about an actual woman.

Warrant–‘Cherry Pie’

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Gender ambiguity, not an issue here. They put the chick on roller skates, we all know that’s how you completely objectify a woman. Unless she’s part of a roller derby team.

Poison–‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’

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And because of this song, every cock-rocker had a power ballad to show their soft side.

Mötley Crüe–‘Don’t Go Away Mad’

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There’s a fanny pack in this video. Spot it.

Dokken–‘Breaking The Chains’

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Guys with Joan Jett haircuts breaking the chains of tight leather pants. Tough chains to break, but eventually we did it. That was a great moment in male history.