5 Doom Metal Bands To Hear (Before The Dark Lord’s Inevitable Return)

So, you want to get into metal? Not so fast, junior. Not only must you answer “questions three,” but you must listen to the best genre of metal, one that’s currently enjoying a renaissance. Didn’t know there were multiple genres of metal? Oh, fictitious-kid-we-made-up-for-this-article, you’re so ignorant.

Doom metal. It’s so damn dark that it’s played SLOW. Who can handle such a slow grind? True metalheads and baristas. Excuse the pun. When you’re as metal as we are, you hardly have time for “jokes.” Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the top five doom metal bands that we’re happy to follow into the darkness.


Ghost is a Swedish band that is currently taking the metal world by storm. Famed for its hypnotizing stage show, frontman Papa Emeritus wears full Pope regalia  and sings prog rock-tinged, doom-inspired (note that we didn’t say this was specifically “doom”) metal. On the strength of one album and a haunting live cover of The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun” (watch here), the band has amassed a huge cult following in less time than other bands take to choose what to wear in the morning. Even members of Metallica have been spotted recently donning Ghost T-shirts at various recent gigs. Did we mention that nobody in the band has a name?