Rapper-Chef Action Bronson’s Finest Foodie Rhymes

A rapping foodie sounds like he’d be annoying, but in Action Bronson‘s case it works. The Queens-bred MC is hip-hop’s newest chef–an actual chef, unlike Raekwon the Chef (though he kind of sounds like Ghostface)–and incorporates his culinary expertise in his rhymes. Resembling a white Rick Ross in stature (and beard) if Rick Ross were a lumberjack and wore Crocs, Bronson name-drops truffles, Peking duck and yakitori, coupled with song titles like “Jerk Chicken” and “Forbidden Fruit.” In honor of Bronson’s lyrical gluttony, here are some of his best food references on record.

X’s mark the steak and the salad crumbled with bacon and bleu cheese, caramel complexion’s on two knees. “Brunch”
Judging by Bronson’s lyrical track record, his two favorite things are food and sex, and why not? He’s a big boy and he likes what he likes, though maybe the affinity for caramel complexions has something (or everything) to do with the candy.

An hour later, eat the burger with my drug dealer. Then add the butter to the fudge to make the fudge realer. “Ronnie Coleman”
Maybe adding “butter” to “fudge” is some sort of slick drug talk? More likely, he’s referring to actually adding more butter to the fudge for taste. Either way, it sounds unhealthy (and tasty).

I’m on the art and the food scene. F*** rap, laying back eatin’ poutine. “Tapas”
It takes a special kind of man to mention the Canadian heart-stopping delight of poutine (French fries, brown gravy and cheese curds) in the middle of a rhyme without injecting himself with nitroglycerin in the process.

The roasted peppers, sweet tomatoes heirloom. We on the beach, restin’ peach and we in Cancun. “Shiraz”
Most rappers mention cars, clothes and jewelry as the finer things in life. For Action Bronson, it’s heirloom tomatoes. One type of heirloom tomato is an Oaxacan Jewel…so maybe he’s on to something.

Beautiful wine, we in Sonoma yo. The cheese plate, fish a pike out the lake. “Moonstruck”
Action B is also a wine connoisseur. He even has a track titled “Shiraz,” so heading over to wine country in California in his rhymes makes total sense.

Five minutes, I’m makin’ stuffing filled with truffles and pears. “Jerk Chicken”
His rapping tax bracket just went up a couple of notches, since truffles are expensive as all hell (costing close to $1,000 a pound depending on the type). If Bronson’s cooking dinner and randomly making truffle stuffing, those checks must be coming in from somewhere.

We eat the lamb, duck, goose, beef or chicken. Two-seater shiftin’ with the smooth sea to shrimp in. “Buddy Guy”
Bronson’s usually a fan of the poultry when he rhymes. However, he runs the gamut of proteins on this one. He attacks mammals, mallards and then is off to catch some shrimp. That’s one hungry dude.