LFL Trash Talk: Join Shea Norton’s Booty Fan Club

MTV Clutch is kicking off a new series, LFL Trash Talk. In each post, you’ll get to meet the sexiest, most-skilled athletes in the Lingerie Football League. Each player took off her pads to answer random questions about football, pop culture and deep-fried foods.

Seattle Mist linebacker Shea Norton thinks of herself as the Mist’s Ray Lewis: aggressive, smart and kind of scary. Shea and her teammates kick off their 2011-2012 season in Green Bay tonight (Friday, Sept. 30 at 10/9c Friday on MTV2), and she gave us a preview of the trash-talking she’s ready to spit. It’s not very nice. Also, if you like booty, you’re a fit for Shea’s fan club.

What body part are you most proud of?
Gotta be the booty. It had its own fan club throughout junior high and high school.

Favorite beer or drink?
Anything vodka–got to love low cal/carb, so a strawberry lemon drop. But only during the off-season.

What’s your favorite Bill Murray movie?
“Zombieland”–Hilarious, and he dies!

If you could be one cartoon character, who would it be?
Rapunzel from “Tangled.” I already sing all the time, so it would be great if my hair would grow longer, stronger and become magical.

What’s the worst trash talking you’ve heard in the LFL?
Well, I’m about to tell my ugly Green Bay opponent that her mother must have s*** on her while giving birth. Haha…that just popped into my head.

Who’s your favorite NFL player and why?
Ray Lewis. His passion for the game and his team is so natural and explosive. He has fire that can’t be taught and charisma with his teammates on and off the field. That’s much like my role on our team. I am Seattle Mist’s Shea Lewis!

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
“What’s the difference between pizza and sex? Wanna do lunch?”

The best pick-up line?
None at all. When you hear so many, it’s intriguing when someone doesn’t seem as interested in you or doesn’t throw himself at you.

Should toilet paper roll out from the bottom or the top?
I love it from the bottom but my child (Fancy, my kitty cat) tends to pull it all over the place, so we have to keep it on top.

What’s one word or phrase that should never be spoken again?
“Do you lift weights/work out?” No, I came out the womb like this, you idiot. And the word “Huh”–you sound like a dumbass and you know you heard me. You just have a lazy brain.


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