9 Crazier Eyebrows Than Andy Rooney’s Face Fur

Unique physical features tend to define us. No matter how much good a man does, if he looks weird he’ll be known for that. Right, Peter Dinklage?

Andy Rooney has become part of that group. A legendary journalist, classic humorist and iconic curmudgeon, Rooney possesses a physical trait that outshines all of those: his eyebrows. Rooney’s unruly eyebrows are so distinct that if Hitler had them, he’d be known as they guy with the eyebrows.

To honor Rooney as he prepares to sign off on his last “60 Minutes” segment, we present a prestigious list of eyebrows that make his look completely regular. Something tells us it would annoy him, and that’s exactly how it should be. Then again, we doubt he uses the gosh-dang internet, anyway.

Andy Rooney

Walter Cronkite

Denis Healey (British Politician)

Stjepan Mesi? (Croatian Politician)

George Gund III (Former NHL Owner)

Eugene Levy

Steve Frost (Comedian)

Martin Scorcese

Leonid Brezhnev (Russian Politician)

Theo Waigel (German Politician)

Photos: Getty Images