Football Makes Grandmas Do The Dardenest Things

Everyone knows the grandma stereotypes–they’re blue-haired, enthralled by needlework and big fans of Lawrence Welk. Grandmas are pretty easy to peg. That is, until football comes into the picture. If you take a respectable grandma who never misses a Lifetime re-run of “Murder She Wrote” and put her in a rabid pack of football fans, she’ll morph into a different creature. What we’re saying is football can transform a grandma from Rose Nylund to Blanche Devereaux.

To prove our point we’ve gathered these eight videos. Proceed with caution.

1. Grandmas shot-gunning beers at football game

2. Grandma doing a keg stand at football game

3. Grandma dancing like a madwoman at football game

4. Grandma triple-kissing at football game

5. Grandma steals trash bags at football game

6. Grandma shakes ass at football game

7. Grandma screams like a wild animal at football game

8. Grandma hits the beer bong at football game