Today’s Badass: Heroic Doritos Inventor Will Have Doritos Sprinkled On Casket

You know that old saying, “You can’t take it with you”? They weren’t talking about Doritos!

Arch West, the man credited with inventing Doritos, died last Saturday at 97, and when he’s laid to rest this weekend he’ll be taking some of the chips with him. Literally. His kids are going to cover his casket with Doritos before throwing dirt on top of it. It’s a fitting tribute for a heroic man.

Yes, heroic. West was a man with passion, drive and an unflinching desire to feed people food that’s simultaneously delicious and terrible for them. He’s a man who’s responsible for an untold number of all-nighters pulled with only the aid of his chips and Mountain Dew. His face belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of junk food next to the inventor of Funyuns, the inventor of Ring Dings and the inventor of Big League Chew. One day we hope to be remembered for something as earth-shattering as Doritos. Enjoy that cool ranch in the sky, Arch West. You’ll be missed.

Photo: YouTube