Tattoo Thursdays: 13 Very Private Underboob Tattoos

Tattoos are about self-expression and it just so happens that many women like to express themselves directly underneath their breasts. What better place to tell someone, “I dream about being with you forever,” than below a breast? There’s no way that could be misunderstood. Plus, babies can’t read.

Earlier this week, Clutch explored the “inside-boob” celebrity fashion trend, and today, on Tattoo Thursday, we urge you to turn your eyes to another trend: underboob tattoos.

And she’s willing to prove it.
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You act like you’ve never seen a bug with a hoop dress hanging out by a breast before.
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If you stare at this underboob tattoo long enough, you can save 15 percent on car insurance.
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Nice scarf.
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Good luck to the man who gets to read this one in person.
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Fact: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, who coined this phrase, has the same exact tattoo (though she used the word “seldom”).
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Of course you do.
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Hear that, Gandalf?
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“The Woman With the Scorpion Underboob Tattoo”
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Just admiring the shrubbery…
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Jordin Sparks‘ “Respira” ink
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John Lennon-approved
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