7 Important Things Plus Boom Cools Down

LADIES Boom plays with a hose and gets wet in the pool [Suicide Girls]
Enjoy it while you can–today is last day of summer.

RAMPAGE 20 GIFs of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson being Rampage [Cage Potato]
He’s part of that rare class of guys who can only be described by his own name.

UNSUNG Ice-T and other hip-hop legends talk hip-hop [The Urban Daily]
Hear from Big Daddy Kane, Eazy-E and more.

QUEEN Freddie Mercury lives on–cover band audition [BuzzFeed]
Complete with a dirty ‘stache!

DRESSED 25 epic “Lord of the Rings” cosplay pics [Holy Taco]
Celebrate Hobbit Day with several horrifying non-CGI renditions of Gollum.

TAILGATE Grandma takes a beer to the face [WGRD]
This ain’t the antiques roadshow.

BOX OFFICE This week in movie posters: now with more “Rum Diary” [Film Drunk]
Jonah Hill gets in on the “chicks’ legs shot from the rear” poster cliché.

DUMBER LEARNING 30 dumbest universities in America [TruTV]
Emory’s “longest line of tacos” probably didn’t boost applications.

Photo: Suicide Girls