7 Important Things Plus Bra Shopping With Kate Upton

LADIES Kate Upton and Victoria’s Secret are a match made in heaven [Guyism]
Also a match delivered to your girlfriend.

REMIX Mr. Muthaf***in’ eXquite ft. Despot “The Last Huzzah” (video) [Nah Right]
Complete with a small army of grown-up schoolgirls.

SCOTT KNOX 50 movie stars, 50 porn star names [NextMovie]
San Fernando Valley is now dialing Donald Glover seeking “Apollo Commerce.”

PORTRAITS 15 celebrities as Russian generals [BuzzFeed]
Sign us up for the Bill Murray brigade.

RETRO 21 reasons why ’80s nostalgia is dumb [TruTV]
So take your lunch boxes and shove it.

STICKS 25 of the worst video games of all time [Holy Taco]
Bible Adventures: Nice try, Christian Church.

BODYGUARD Toddler fires shotgun during mother’s drug deal [WGRD]
It’s probably a good time to sift through this kid’s toy basket.

INFOGRAPHIC The history of casual gaming [Fork Party]
Just about everyone has answered the call of duty.

Photo: Victoria’s Secret