8 More Movies That Would Be Better With A Shark [Photos]

Shark Night,” despite being a pretty terrible movie (which cost an extra few bucks at a 3D rate), had a pretty awesome movie poster. You know why? Because it had a gigantic shark on it exposing its monstrous jaw, inches away from a horrified bikini-clad woman. We bet that the poster alone lured curious movie-goers into the film.

That got our friends at NextMovie thinking of movies that would’ve been infinitely better with sharks. Exactly. Maybe sharks are the new monkeys-in-commercials–a win every single time. So we’re going even further with the finned sea creatures by taking a central character out of movies, and replacing him with a shark. Behold, above, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” with a shark in it. More poster-movie-shark mash-ups follow. Someone tell Steven Spielberg to fire up the mechanical beast from “Jaws”.

Illustrations by Chris Marano