7 Important Things Plus Marie Soto Is Wired

LADIES Marie Soto, exotic booty and beauty [XXL Mag]
In that order.

LULU Sample of Metallica and Lou Reed’s song “The View” hits the web [WGRD]
Available as a digital single next week and the full album drops on Nov. 1.

DOWNHILL Trike racing: fast and the furious [The High Definite]
A tricycle gang of 6-year-olds were hot on their tail.

DUKES Top 10 celebrity fights [The Urban Daily]
Next time, Mayweather and Ortiz will open for Ray J and Fabolous.

MODERN NOSTALGIA Pagers and beepers [Holy Taco]
Beeper humor: 80085.

FIRE SAFETY Man demonstrates “scream, freak and jump” fire safety technique [TruTV]
It’s like “stop, drop and roll” only less effective and dumber.

SCARJO Nonhumans ScarlettJohanssoning [BuzzFeed]
If you got it, flaunt it, lime Teletubby.

WHACK The biggest pee wee football hit you will ever see [Guyism]
Perfect form tackle. Simply beautiful.

Photo: XXL Mag