Kyle Orton Haters To Erect Billboard Bashing Quarterback And 5 More Signs By Angry NFL Fans

A group of eight disgruntled Denver Broncos fans have pooled together $10,000 for an anti-Kyle Orton billboard so everyone shall know that they disapprove of Orton as the Broncos QB, and they want Tim Tebow in. We can think of about 77,312 better uses for 10 large, including, but not limited to: 1) Spend it on a trip to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl as they had originally planned 2) donate the money to a church of Tebow’s choosing or 3) buy a giant inflatable castle for tailgating at Mile High. Even better, pay 50 Denver-area college girls $200 each to jump around for a couple hours during the game wearing tight “We Want Tebow” tank tops.

But no, these eight fellas just want to blow a huge sum of money complaining about a pretty decent quarterback that can obviously do no right in their view. First-year Broncos coach John Fox remains committed to Orton despite some trouble during week one against the Raiders, and Pro Bowl wideout Brandon Lloyd, frustrated with fans clamoring for Orton’s head, came to the quarterback’s defense this week. “I think it’s all B.S.,” Lloyd said. “I think everybody is just waiting for an opportunity to move (Orton) out and play anybody other than him.”

Of course this group of disgruntled fans is entitled to spend their money any way they choose. Nor are they the first football diehards to use a billboard to express their rage. Check out five more examples after the jump, mainly by fans tortured by incompetent owners and management.

1. Eventually, Lions fans got their wish. The club hasn’t drafted a wide receiver in the first round since.

via Lions Fans Unite

2. Fact: Owner/GM Al Davis feeds on the tears of Raiders fans.

via Huffington Post

3. Sorry, Bengals fans. Mike Brown isn’t trading Carson Palmer either.

via Bleacher Report

4. This was a victory for the leader of the FireDickJauron website; coming next, a billboard that reads “You’d better not f***ing move this team to Los Angeles or Toronto.”

via wnywatercooler

5. These Favre fans immediately regretted their decision.

via Total Packers

Orton Photo: Getty Images