15 Sexy Reasons Guys Will Enjoy ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

The “Twilight” series is not for everyone, but looking at gorgeous women run around onscreen is something the whole family can enjoy. The whole family and especially guys who get dragged to the vampire and werewolf show by their girlfriends. The next “Twilight Saga” installments, “Breaking Dawn–Part I” and “Part II,” are on the horizon, with the a new trailer for “Part I” just released.

The purpose of this post is to remind movie theater plus-ones and other naysayers that even though the series may be overly sentimental cheese with mediocre dialogue, the actresses in “Twilight” are very, very attractive. High five to the casting director! And speaking of five, we’ve put together a gallery of five of the easy-on-the-eyes “Twilight” women you’ll see in “Breaking Dawn: Part I“: Kristen Stewart, Ashley GreeneNikki ReedAnna Kendrick and Maggie Grace.

Kristen Stewart

Ashley Greene

Nikki Reed

Anna Kendrick

Maggie Grace

Photos: W Magazine, Glamour, Maxim, Getty Images