7 Important Things Plus Tanyka Renee From LFL’s Philadelphia Passion

LADIES Passion defense end Tanyka in a nice but NSFW gallery [XXL Mag]
We’re pretty sure she’s wearing upside down athletic supporters, not a bra.

ANNIVERSARY Lloyd Banks, Trina, more on “RapFix Live” anniversary special [MTV]
Live at 4 p.m. ET, party hat not included.

GUITAR HEROES Watch Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain slow dance together [WGRD]
Someone alert the curator of “Awesome People Hanging Out Together.”

GLOVES Dan Henderson talks UFC, Strikeforce and Fedor (video) [Cage Potato]
The 41-year-old light heavyweight is gunning for a December fight.

LITERATURDS Dumb books this bankrupt store can’t give away [TruTV]
“Why Women Have Sex,” the shocking follow-up to one-pager, “Why Men Have Sex.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 25 Angry Birds cakes [Holy Taco]
Have your cake and play it too.

DOMO 10 awesome Domo products from around the web [MTV Geek]
You know, that lovable, fuzzy brown guy with sharp teeth.

TISSUES #DrakeCriesWhen: the 10 funniest Tweets [The Urban Daily]
Testing the idea that there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Photo: XXL Mag