7 Important Things Plus The Finest NFL Cheerleaders

LADIES The finest 25 NFL cheerleaders Part I [XXL Mag]
Props to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder for not screwing up the team’s cheer squad.

HOUSTON GT Mayne is about to be your favorite rapper [The Urban Daily]
At a minimum, he sports your new favorite beard.

KICKS Marty McFly’s “Back To The Future” Nike shoes exist now! [MTV Style]
Now all we need is the hoverboard we’ve been promised.

NICE OUTFIT 25 people who fail at dressing themselves [Holy Taco]
Maybe it’s time for mom to start laying clothes out again.

MONKEYS What won’t monkeys f***? 5 Videos of monkeys gone wild [WGRD]
The answer is, not a lot.

MAYHEM World’s largest water balloon fight [BuzzFeed]
There hasn’t been this much latex in one place since the last Olympics.

WTF “Zombie Ass” looks good. Because of the pooping, and the karate [Film Drunk]
Brought to you by legendary ass fetishist Noboru Iguchi.

WHOA Operation Repo: Sonia gets shot! [TruTV]
Apparently these former car owners don’t realize or don’t care that they’re being filmed.

Photo: XXL Mag