The Face-Melting 5: (End Of) Summer Slaughter On ‘Headbangers Ball’

Headbangers Ball” is back with a vengeance over at MTV2, where host Jose Mangin gives metalheads their weekly dose of heavy riffs and thrashing vocals. And each week we’ll dive into the show for some metal immersion therapy and come back to you with the five most face-melting moments for metal purists and noobs alike.

This week’s episode of “Headbangers Ball” kicked off with the premiere of the scorching “Scissors” by Emery, before Jose’s first New Jersey dispatch from the Summer Slaughter Tour, described as the Most Extreme Tour of the Year. Judging by the blood dripping from our ears after this week’s installment, we’ll agree with that claim. Commence the melting of faces:

1. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Or a band by its homicidal moniker.

For a death metal group named after a horrific crime, the dudes of The Black Dahlia Murder seem pretty gregarious and colorful. And into bowling, which is always a good barometer of likability.

2. Pectoral demon tattoo? Pectoral demon tattoo.

Don’t let the PBR and stupid hat fool you, Lonestar Carrigan of Darkest Hour is no shoe-gazing indie wuss. Just check out his Ozzy-inspired ink. Plus, the guy’s like a real life Brick Tamland: he doesn’t just “love lamp,” he gives it a name and fondles it.

3. Six Feet Under: Unlikely precursor to Willow Smith‘s “Whip My Hair“?

There are dreadlocks, then there are the hair ropes on Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes‘ head. Watch him sling his mega-dreads like so many Indiana Jones whips in the video for “Seed of Filth.” We’re willing to bet the “Six Feet” in the name “Six Feet Under” comes from the dreads. See, not so scary after all.

4. You haven’t partied until you’ve kicked out a windshield while rocking out to Six Feet Under

Drummer Kevin Talley gives us some Metal Martha Stewart action: Take one part steel toe boot, one part windshield and Six Feet Under. Bake near open flame for about an hour. Behold, one broken windshield casserole and, thus, one unforgettable party.

5. Can voices have bipolar disorder?

Go listen to Barnes in the video for “Shadow of the Reaper.” Now listen to him speak to Jose. He’s the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of voices. Not to mention, if we shredded our vocal chords like that, we’d only be able to communicate like Ned from “South Park” at this point.

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